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Only authorised users are allowed to gain access to this system. Access to this system is to be used in accordance with the BP Group’s policies and standards covering appropriate conduct. The BOSS Support Team will not grant access to users on this system unless they receive approval from an authorized reporting area owner.

Information about BOSS Shared infrastructure can be found on the BOSS SharePoint in the Documentation and FAQs library. The first time you login, please set your Locale and Time Zone in the BI Launch Pad preferences if you are not located in the same time zone as this BOSS system. When finished using this system, please click the logoff button rather than just closing the browser window or tab.

If you attempt to log into the Business Objects BI Launch Pad and receive a logon prompt, you must select either Windows AD authentication and enter your BP NTID and Password or SAP authentication and enter your SAP System, SAP Client, NTID and SAP Password. If you still cannot login after following these steps, please contact the owner of the BOSS reporting area that you are trying to access for assistance. The BOSS Support Team will not grant access to users on this system unless they receive a request from the reporting area owner.

If you wish to create an incident or service request ticket for the BOSS Support Team, please contact your local service desk, support desk or enter your own ticket by following these instructions:

1. Go to https://myit.bpglobal.com
2. Select “Software & Applications” in the menu.
3. Select "Global Applications" option which available under “Desktop Software”.
4. Click on "Begin".
5. Enter your email address, phone number, and site name.
6. Select appropriate ‘Problem’, ‘Problem Area’ and ‘Problem Details’ from drop down.
7. Enter the full problem details in the Notes area and include any relevant screen shots as attachments.
7. Click on Submit Request.
8. Requests that you have entered can be monitored in the Open Requests area.

Please note that the BOSS team maintains a call escalation process for priority P1/P2 issues which is triggered with a phone call to the BP service desk. Priority issues raised directly in the remedy tool are not monitored and will not be responded to out of service hoursnes, please use the following links..

Web Server : BP1XEUAP3461

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